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Welcome!!, Our Youth Related Ministry seeks to:

  1. INTRODUCE our young people to a personal faith in Jesus Christ,
  2. CONNECT them with others in meaningful relationships,
  3. DEVELOP their faith so that they will become fully-devoted followers of Christ, and
  4. EQUIP them to demonstrate Christ’s love to others through ministry.

Youth Fellowship  

Join the youth fellowship group for lively discussions and interaction on Fridays at 7:00pm. This is planned from a holistic perspective with input from members. There is an annual weekend camp to facilitate the spiritual development of our young people, in addition to regular hikes to the Blue Mountain peak – over 7000 feet above sea level.

Bethel Riddim Performance at the JBU Rally 

BYSEP (Bethel Youth Summer Employment Program)

Some participants of BYSEP 2014 in an orientation exercise - June 2014

Some participants of BYSEP 2014 in an orientation exercise – June 2014



This program seeks to provide employment for students for up to 4 weeks during the summer months. Companies support this program by providing job opportunities to be undertaken by these students. Participants are required to attend an initiation program gained at familiarizing them with various aspects of the work environment. Students are also assisted with such things as the writing of resumes, dress code and work ethics.



Junior Church

In trying to make God’s work a thrilling adventure children up to age 13 participate in junior church during the 10am morning service. Our volunteers utilize various means to communicate the gospel in a manner attractive to their age group.

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