Women’s Federation

Work in this ministry began in 1954 when the church started. However, it was not until sometime in 1961, that attention was given to a specific women’s ministry. In April 1961, when Pastor William Edwards was commissioned, his wife, Mavis organized what was known then as the Women’s Fellowship which comprised all the female members of the church. The main activities then were monthly devotional meetings, cottage meetings, socials and an annual sale of work to raise funds for the building of the Bethel chapel. On its completion, the fellowship sought affiliation to the Jamaica Baptist Women’s Federation (J.B.W.F.).

Over the years, the range of activities as well as membership have increased. The group is called the Jamaica Baptist Women’s Federation. It identifies itself with and supports actively other ministries in the church. These include:The Healing and Counselling Ministry, The Sunday School, The Advice Service, The Visitation Programme, The Intercessory Prayer Group. Other projects include the Garland Hall Home, the Horizon Home and the Rema Basic School.

Rema Basic School:

Rema, a depressed inner-city community located in the Denham Town area of Kingston drew the attention of our then Administrator and Social Worker, Mrs. Sonia Gallimore in the 1970’s, as an area where we could be of assistance. Literary classes, Sunday School classes and Early Childhood Education classes were conducted for sometime.

The Rema Basic School grew out of that and today there are approximately sixty (60) students and four (4) teachers in attendance daily. A hot meal is prepared at a very minimal costs for the students each day.