Am I Engaged in True Worship?

This was the question that flooded the minds of many as they walked away from a service here at Bethel Baptist Church recently. Rev. Kevin Llewellyn, Pastor of the Emmanuel Gospel Assembly, led by the Spirit, identified the five essential elements of worship. Using Genesis 22:1-19 as his base text, he pointed out that in this passage of scripture the word “worship” is used for the very first time in the Bible (vs. 5). He went on to define worship as “getting our hearts and minds connected to God”. Though we are entertained by the different special items offered, we must be cognizant of the fact that God is the audience and He comes to be entertained by us.

The Five essential elements are:

Worship begins with God. If He does not reveal Himself, we cannot truly commune with Him. Being in His presence does not mean that communion is taking place. In true worship, one becomes like that which they worship.

The preparation needed for true worship must be one of the heart. It is a deliberate act that must be done in order to make ourselves ready for worship

Rev. Llewellyn stated that we need to separate ourselves from the elements which seek to corrode our ability to focus wholly on God in our worship. He noted that sin separates us from God and not God from us.

A test of true dedication is the ability to give up that which is valuable to you. (Example: Parable of the Rich Young Ruler)

“Lord Jesus we must know you if we would make you known, for how can we proclaim you but by your grace alone? We long to know your fullness, Your life of risen power, For you alone can answer The challenge of this hour.” (Hymn 609, Baptist Praise and Worship Hymnal)