GIFT – Growing in Faith Together

This is a joint ministry of the former Bethel Baptist youth fellowship and Young Adults Fellowship. This ministry seeks to provide its members and visitors with an opportunity for fellowship and an avenue for spiritual growth. Our meetings are tailored to address the challenges that we face and have difficulties coping with both as individuals and collectively.

On Saturday, November 12, 2011 we officially launched GIFT – Growing in Faith Together. The ministry caters for person’s age 20-45 years old though not exclusive to this age group only.

Our regular meeting time is Fridays 7:00 pm on the first floor of the administrative building.

Based on the SWOT Analysis and the suggestion for a name from the questionnaire, the leaders of both fellowships decided that the next step would be to merge both groups under the name Genesis.

Mission Statement

To carry the flame of service and fellowship among the young adults in our church community and beyond by the enlightenment, inspiration and empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


To have a vibrant fellowship where young adults can come and feel a part of while developing spiritually. To groom future leaders of the church and harness the spiritual growth of individuals in order to deepen the bonds among youth and young adults within our church and the wider Jamaica Baptist Union.


  1. Unite the young adults of Bethel Baptist Church
  2. Provide a sense of belonging
  3. Facilitate spiritual growth and fulfillment
  4. Encourage missions and outreach and make ourselves available for service
  5. Build relationships based on mutual respect and genuine concern for fellow brothers and sisters

Provide opportunities for the development for personal and leadership life skills

We can be reached at