Bethel Foundation

We at Bethel regard it as a mandate of our faith commitment to be a servant community which involves caring for persons, communities and the environment. The Bethel Foundation was established as one of the ways in which we will be able to financially meet our objectives on both a short and long term basis.

The Bethel Foundation is a legal entity established by Bethel Baptist Church to raise funds to support projects for the benefit of socially and economically disadvantaged persons and for community development.

Who will benefit?

  1. Individuals, groups and associations providing social services to the vulnerable in our society
  2. Community enterprises individual and other groups involve in income generating projects

How can You help?

  1. By making a contribution
  2. By making the Foundation a beneficiary in your Will
  3. By assigning life insurance policies
  4. By transferring stocks to the foundation
  5. By donating property

To support the Bethel Foundation